4PCS 2017 Pôvodné LiitoKala 18650 3400mAh NCR18650B 3400 batéria 3,7 V Li-ion Rechargebale batérie PCB Chránené Pre panasonic

4PCS 2017 Pôvodné LiitoKala 18650 3400mAh NCR18650B 3400 batéria 3,7 V Li-ion Rechargebale batérie PCB Chránené Pre panasonic

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Štítky: pcb ochrany, pcb li-ion, pcb batérie, Lacné pcb ochrany, Vysoká Kvalita pcb li-ion, Čína pcb batérie Dodávateľov.

Liitokala lii - 500 detekcia skutočná kapacita: (3100-3300mah)


Názov produktu: NCR18650-34B Nabíjateľná Li-ion Batéria

Napätie: 3.6 v-4.2 v


Výstup: 4.2 v, 600mA

Príkon: 110-240v

V priebehu nabíjania:4.2 v,

Maximálny poplatok: 1.5 C

vnútorný odpor: pod 50milliohm

Čas nabíjania: 1000times

Hmotnosť: 48 g

Veľkosť: 69.5 mm x 18,5 mm (dĺžka x priemer)

PCB použiť 2*MOS ochrany dosky, maximálny výkon napätie je 4.2 V, minimálne napätie 2.5 V

V cene: 4 X 18650 3400mAh nabíjateľná batéria s PCB

  • Typ Jednotky: veľa (4 ks/lot)
  • Veľkosť Balenia: 15cm x 12cm x 10cm (5.91in x 4.72in x 3.94in)
  • Hmotnosť Balenia: 0.22kg (0.49lb.)

  • Druh: Li-Ion
  • Menovitá Kapacita: 3001-3500mAh
  • Náhradné Batérie: No
  • Batéria Číslo: 4
  • Číslo Modelu: NCR18650B
  • Veľkosť: 18650
  • Názov Značky: Liitokala
  • Súbor Typ: Batérie Iba
Sashadeathcore 2018-01-12 Battery capacity looks like 3200mAh rather than 3400mAh. Good capacity for the price. See pictures for charge and discharge tests. 5/5
Chernecov A 2017-11-18 real batteries. 3100 залилось averaged, but also do not have to end planted. but will extend to almost poverbank in place, slightly longer than this бучные 18650. if use remake pover акума 4 type slightly to the case. if buy poverbank литокалки it is better to take on slightly shorter than they brown --- 3000мам on these. cool акумы real but nothing to say. underwater lamp in there залетают whistle with enough space. small in one pover does the battery. single weight 46,63. not for all lights, first of places there you see how many расчёта plus 4mm length. horn доехали укропистан curve on 22 days. thank you and manufacturer seller. anyway recommend!! 5/5
Turab Turan 2017-11-20 thief seller, sent paid... and instead ordered of 10 battery 1 or buyer inexperienced for hoping intentionally this done lack knowledge language of, he has some also refund avoid hoped and team dispute from support to... more even, 3000 real capacity was 3400mah of instead... manipulating evidence order, proposal false, he and on the go proofs changing by ali-like a team dispute supported massively was local mafia... new day to give them from requirement new each evidence, new videos, after all-new pictures gave links video and pictures all before showed 've i... seller saw they sent instead of 10 1 pcs a see they thief here from better-support him and keep away... picture on 2: these are "14" batteries thief this from received... thief professional seller, 1 pcs выслал ordered instead of 10 pcs, hoping to 3400 3000 instead of the tongue inexperience незнание or capacity, it has more support диспьют ali some mafia probably... recommend to none-вобщем... 1/5
Miss Tara 101 2018-01-28 seen on photo all, quickly come 5/5
Medunscho 2018-01-27 high quality fast, fit checked on the charging power declared 5/5
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